In addition to core media relations and opinion leader communications Saxondene offers the following services:

Corporate Reputation Assessment
Defining assessment population, parameters; development of methodology and subjects, gap analysis of actual Vs desired reputation

International Corporate Communications
Examination of communications objectives, development of an international communications strategy and key messages with a market-by-market tactical plan

Corporate Brand Development
Review of key influencers and how they impact on corporate brand values, how brand values are communicated and proposals for an enhancement programme

Corporate Communications Resources
Assessment of internal and external communications infrastructure and resources (people, technology, collateral, policy and procedures), recommendations for improvements, assistance with staff recruitment and agency selection as appropriate

Corporate Sponsorship
Assessment of sponsorship objectives, development of sponsorship strategy and selection criteria with added value recommendations as required

Crisis and Issues Management
Risk assessment, contingency planning, simulation exercises, and implementation of damage limitation programmes

Corporate Citizenship
Community assessment and messaging, development of strategy, planning and implementation


A new division of Saxondene offers specialist public relations advice to small and medium-sized companies interested in targeting local customers and media


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